Steel Erection Male Enha Coffee Shot 12/


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Rechargre andpower your tool! Get rock hard and keep going for days!

Directions: 2 doses per bottle. Split with a partner or take 1 dose (1/2 bottle) to get jacked and fully energize your sexual performance. Do not use more than 2 bottle (2 oz.) every 72 hours. Make sure to drink 12-16 oz. of water when taking Steel Erection. Use or discard any remainder within 72 hours of opening.

Proprietary Blend: L-Arginine HCl Agmatine Sulfate Maca Root Extract L-Citrulline Eurocyma Bark Ext Green Tea Ext (45% Polyphenol) Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Fenugreek Plant Extract Caffeine Anhydrous.