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Kinklab Leather Wrist Cuffs - Black

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Exhibit a little restraint! These leather wrist cuffs from KinkLab offer a self-keeping design that stays on with or without padlocks. Cuffs fit 5.5 inches to 7 inches. Put your hands together for leather wrist cuffs!

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Great condom if you are on the larger side of things

I always just thought condoms were made to strangle your manhood, men always complained about having to wear them. And I’ve managed to stretch most of what’s been around to fit after all it the option is to get something on or get no sex I will shrink wrap my massive man meat to get laid.
I've been married for seven years now so my condom wearing days are mostly behind me but on occasion I still need to wear a rubber. These are the biggest condoms I have found on the market, 9.5 inches of length is plenty for any well-endowed gentleman. They not as wide as I need or would like but a good option.
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Blush Ruse Jammy - Black
OH MY !!!

That was my first response when I saw this bbc beauty !!!! Love playing with it orally and anally !!!! Very filling!!!! Great product great service. May be buying another one... one for each place.

Dick Rambone: 18in.x 2.5in. (Black)
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Rene Rofe Lace Peek A Boo Bra & Crotchless Panty Set Black M-l
Sexy and fun

This outfit brought some fun into our bedroom. I felt sexy in it and my husband agreed. Great fun!

Very sexy

This teddy is comfortable and oh-so- sexy!! Highly recommend!