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Covid-19 Pandemic Response Service Disruption Notice

Thank you for visiting Climactic Adventures!

In an effort to combat the exploding rate of new infections of the coronavirus, states have implemented mandatory shutdowns of nonessential business activities. Colorado and Michigan, the locations of our distribution centers, have both now lifted their shelter in place orders, allowing us to resume processing and shipping orders. However, both of our distribution centers are still subject to social distancing and other regulations meant to keep our workers safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

At present we are functioning at a reduced staffing level at both locations and so order processing can take up to 48 hours, but we will do our best to get orders out ASAP. Please be patient and allow a little more time than normal. Your order should arrive within 5-8 business days.

Again, we appreciate your patience as we get back up to speed.

The Climactic Adventures team

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OH MY !!!
Dick Rambone: 18in.x 2.5in. (Black)
World heavyweight champion
Sexy and fun
Very sexy
Very realistic