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About Us

The Climactic Adventure Story

The inspiration for Climactic Adventures originated from one woman’s journey to becoming orgasmic. After a lifetime of fruitless pursuit of this elusive goal, life events led her to an intensive focus on her sexuality and a healing journey, indeed a sort of vision quest, toward self acceptance and celebration of life in general.

With this emerging consciousness came a sense of adventure that gave her the courage to explore the depths of her desires and curiosities, reveling in both the common and the taboo.

As she experimented with new ways of expressing the sexual and sensual aspects of her psyche, she acquired a vast experiential knowledge of what motivates satisfying and fulfilling experiences for both herself and those who shared her journey along the way.

The goal with Climactic Adventures is to provide a resource for others, as they venture along their own journey toward self understanding and expression. In an industry often known for exploitation and undesirable outcomes, we strive to provide quality and integrity in all aspects of the business. Our customers’ privacy is paramount, so we will NEVER share your information with anyone or subject you to unwanted communications or marketing. We also guarantee the quality of the merchandise we sell, painstakingly curating the manufacturers and suppliers with whom we do business.

The vast majority of our inventory is manufactured in the USA by long-standing, industry leading companies that design and produce the highest quality products on the market.

With an inventory of nearly 13,000 products, you’re sure to find something to enhance your sex life or fulfill your fantasies.

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85 reviews
OH MY !!!
Dick Rambone: 18in.x 2.5in. (Black)
World heavyweight champion
Sexy and fun
Very sexy
Very realistic