OxBalls Truckt 2-Piece Cockring Plus+Silicone Special Edition Night


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TRUCKT 2-pack cockrings in new NIGHT EDITION. Velvety silicone-finish PLUS+silicone™ blend, TPR for amazing stretch + silicone for a rubbery, warm feel. NIGHT BLACK color is a deep, dull-finish black that feels warm and silky smooth, less grippy—it glides on… more like vintage black rubber—it looks rich and deep and feels super slick. TRUCKT is a convenient 2-pack of versatile wear cockring and/or ballrings from OXBALLS. Each set contains two different-sized rings that can be worn as a shaft, ball, or cockring. The inside of TRUCKT has a concave indent that’s designed to flatten when stretched to keep it in place and from rolling. It’s made from our best-selling PLUS+silicone™ so it grips in all the right places for a bigger, longer-lasting boner. Hell, you can even wrap your cock and balls with the large ring and use the smaller ring stretched around your balls for a sweet sack-squeezin’ sensation. Inside the ring is a shallow channel. As you stretch the ring this flattens out so TRUCKT stays where you put it. No need to worry about rolling or snagging your pubes… ouch! 2 rings and the seriously stretchy material, you will find your perfect fit as a cockring, ball ring, even a shaft ring. TRUCKT is nifty 2-pack of cockrings… and so many ways to play. Cockring 1: Width: 1.5″ Depth: .5″ Outer circumference: 4.5″ Inner circumference: 2″ Weight: .4 oz Cockring 2: Width: 2″ Depth: .75″ Outer circumference: 5.5″ Inner circumference: 2.5″ Weight: .7 oz

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