Neva Nude Pasty Hearts Jewel White


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Each box includes 2 reusable Burlesque Nipztix pasties. BNPs will accentuate your allure and give you a sexy, provocative and occasionally comedic edge whether you’re turnin’ up at the cabaret or at da club. When treated with the utmost love, care, and respect, these silicone sparkles can be worn many many times… they really are ALL THAT JAZZ! Grab a pair and get ready for the extravaganza! Fun, provocative designs… they get the people going!Made from a reusable siliconeLast for 10-12 hours in one useCan be worn a ridiculous amount of times if treated with TLCSelf-adhering with an easy peasy applicationSpice up your cutest outfits, wear under mesh tops, or get your showgirl on!Female owned and operated, BOOOYAH!Size: Width: 3″ Height: 3″

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