M for Men M2 Merchandising Kit


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M-00095 M for Men – Merchandising Kit includes: (4 pcs) BL-83005 M for Men – M2 – Superior Stroker – Black / 1-Piece tester display included at no charge: BL-83555 M for Men – M2 Tester – Wall and Counter Display Unit

  • Beautifully Merchandise the M for Men Line to Customers
  • Tester Display Will Hang On Your Slat Wall Or Stably Sit On Your Shelf or Counter
  • Interactive Display Allows Your Customers to Touch and Feel the M for Men Toys. Tester Remains Secure Behind Acrylic Panel.
  • Merch Kit Includes 4 Pieces BL-83005
  • M for Men M2 / 1-Piece Tester Displa
  • Footprint (When Merchandised on slat wall or shelf/countertop as shown): 33 Inches Width x 14 Inches Height x 7 inches Deep
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