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The Super Stocking - Climactic Adventures

The Super Stocking

The body stocking is the bomb!!!  

It turns every woman into a model by accentuating beauty and concealing “imperfections.”   The body stocking is comfortable and looks stunning – you’ll never want to take it off.   Any areas of residual “flab” are instantly gathered and firmed, shaping the body into an ideal version of itself.  

Most of us are working hard to attain a healthy lifestyle and get our bodies into shape, and the body stocking can give us the look we want now when we’re hanging out by ourselves and/or with our adoring partner(s).  Wear it to the next local sex party, or host your own sex party!!  

Be a goddess for the day!  Be a goddess every weekend!  

A sweet feature of these beauties is that many styles are an entire outfit unto themselves – boots, garters, bikinis, elegant sleeves -- yet they’re all one piece.  The body stocking is a technological marvel combining laser cutting with stretchy material which, produced en masse, results in a price of less than $12.00. 

Black is ultra slimming and elegant, while the bright, vivid colors are fun and striking. 

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OH MY !!!
Dick Rambone: 18in.x 2.5in. (Black)
World heavyweight champion
Sexy and fun
Very sexy
Very realistic