Au Naturel Suave 7in Posable Tan

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Made with Blush’s new Sensa Feel dual density technology Suave is perfectly soft to the touch while its inner core is firmer to maintain rigidity. For those seeking a sensual lover Suave has plush balls and a poseable spine that can bend twist and angle to hit all your pleasure points. Phthalate free blend of X5 and X5 Plus TPE Suave is low maintenance; use gentle soap and water then let air dry. Our products are 3rd party tested for product safety. Our materials comply with international safety requirements.

  • Sensa Feel Dual Density and FlexiShaft Design. Soft Erect Yet Flexible Shaft.
  • A blend of X5 and X5 Plus TPE for Soft and Realistic Feel
  • Sensa Feel Dual Density Technology
  • 7 Inch Length (6 Inch Insertable) x 1.5 Inch Width
  • Lab Tested & Verified To Contain No Unsafe Compounds. Silicone Water Based Hybrid Lube Safe